Top 6 Best Health And Nutritional Benefits Of Eggs For Kids

Egg is one of the most popular food materials in the world that can be used to make various dishes. In fact, egg is very good for the overall health of small children. Thus, mothers should try adding more foods made with eggs to their kids’ regular diet as soon as possible for good! This article is an entire list of the most important health and nutrition benefits of eggs for kids, and mothers should not skip anything!


There is no concrete limit on how many eggs a child can eat per week, but it is often believed that 4 eggs are ideal to make sure that he/she is getting the essential nutrients and at the same time can avoid the risks of high cholesterol caused by the excess food intake.

Here are some great benefits of pumpkin for kids parents should know:

Eggs Is High In Choline:

Choline contained in eggs can help a lot to build the cell membranes inside the baby’s body. Thus, it is actually a huge benefit. Besides, choline is very important for the brain development, responsible for the brain molecules that signal the baby’s nerves. There are 100 mcg of choline contained in a single egg.

Eggs Contain Zeaxanthin And Lutein:

Egg is a great source of zeaxanthin and lutein, which are indispensable for the eye health of the baby. These two substances help a lot in keeping the vision sharp and reducing the impact macular degeneration. In fact, zeaxanthin and lutein can also boost the retina health for your baby.

Complete Protein:

Eggs are a complete protein item. There are 6 grams of protein contained in an egg per serving.Proteins are the building blocks for the baby’s body and are essential for the regeneration and new cell generation of cells. Egg helps babies grow stronger and bigger.You just need to make sure that your kids eat 1 egg per day and you do not need to give him/her a multivitamin after all.

Boost The Immune System

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, egg is very high selenium, an element which is well-known to improve the immune system of human beings. There is still no clear evidence showing how selenium can act well for the immune system, but some scientists said that the selenium can helps a lot to produce free radicals around and in invading microorganisms which kill them. Egg also contains zinc and it can help a lot to control the immune system cells, fighting off the invading microorganisms.

Good Source Of Vitamins:

Egg is also a good source of vitamins like vitamin D, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin E, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin K, Vitamin A, vitamin B6, and niacin. Most fruits or veggies lack vitamin D, but eggs are also abundant in this vitamin – a powerful supporter for bone health and development. As we know vitamin B12 is needed for relieving anemia, vitamin B6 essential for brain development, and vitamin A is indispensable for eyesight and eye health of human beings, especially kids and small babies.

High In Cholesterol:

Though many people said that eggs are a good source of cholesterol and their intake should be limited, this is true for adults, but small kids and toddlers need food item abundant in cholesterol and fat for daily activities. The cholesterol and fat can aid a lot in optimizing the brain development of toddlers and babies.

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