About Us

A seemingly perfectly healthy individual, Brock soon realized in his early 20′s that something was SERIOUSLY wrong with his digestive system. On his quest to find the truth, Brock found little to no help from so called “healthcare professionals”. So after 3 years of suffering and zero answers, Brock decided to take matters into his own hands. This led him down a path that would ultimately become his passion, and what he feels to be his purpose in life – serving others by educating them on how to prevent disease.

It wasn’t easy. As a matter of fact, Brock believes that most people simply “give up” before they are able to find true answers to their healthcare problems. Because, there was a time when he wanted to throw in the towel. Just accept his situation and move on. Just “deal with” his problems and learn to live with them. But fortunately, that is not Brock’s personality. Not only does he never give up on something that is worthy, but he also never settles for what the world tells him is true. He is in constant search of truth, and he will reveal some of those truths in his blogs and videos. Thus, he wanted to create a website name that embodied the perfect message – InfoTruth.

From 2015-2019, Brock spent over $20,000 on supplementation, products, and services. Never did he know that he would one day be able to take all that knowledge and experience and pass it on to others on a massive scale. He still constantly searches for the highest quality products with regards to supplementation and is extremely excited for the future of preventative medicine. Brock predicts a huge shift in the market, once people are educated on how best to take care of themselves. Education is key, and Brock promises to deliver everything he knows about how to keep you from ever going to the doctor’s office due to illness.

Brock enjoys playing almost any sport, snow skiing, lifting weights, and teaching others how to live healthier, happier lives. He is married and has two dogs. If you have a yearning to learn about health, the human body, or anything that it has to offer, Brock is the guy you want to talk to. Just be careful though, as sometimes you might have trouble getting him to stop!