5 Powerful Herbs for Stress Relief

Over the years, people have searched for ways to overcome stress. Some methods are healthy, such as gathering with family and friends, meditation and others. Other de-stressors can have negative consequences when abused.

Understanding Stress conditions

The body has certain mechanism to react and respond to stressors. The parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems works together: they are two sides of the coin, they help to keep you in balance.

The sympathetic nervous system performs the following functions: narrows your vision, gets your heart racing, shuts down digestion releases adrenaline and sugar into the bloodstream.

The parasympathetic nervous system performs the opposite, allowing your body to “digest and rest” It brings blood flow to the gut to digest our food completely and calms things down.

The following are Herbs for Stress.


This herb is common and exceptionally light, sedative and relaxes frayed nerves. Within an eight-week study, researchers reported that chamomile extracts (220-1,100 mg daily) led to major advancements compared with placebos. Note: for those who have allergies, Chamomile is associated with ragweed, so use care. Choose popular German “Matricaria” chamomile.
Dose: Available as tincture, tea and capsule; always follow label directions.


Seen in teas– black varieties and high quality green –L-theanine increases the brain’s wave action, resulting in reduced stress as well as quietness. Higher alpha waves can also be correlated with greater mental alertness. One study discovered that L-theanine reduced negative answers to pressure. People who have serious behavioral illnesses, their feelings of relaxation raised by 40 percent in the other research, Note: L-theanine does not cause drowsiness.
Dose: 200 (mg) one to three times daily


This herb (Passiflora) has remarkable properties that overcomes stress and is a favorite of herbalist Laurel Vukovic; author (Basic Health, 2005). Studies reveal that passionflower overcomes stress and encourages sleep in addition to prescription drugs, only without causing sedation.
Dose: Follow label directions whether using the tincture or capsule form.


In 2009, Australian researchers examined standardized kava (Piper methysticum) extracts on 60 individuals. After taking the herb for three weeks, the subjects’ stress decreased substantially compared with when the same individuals took placebos. The herb might not be good for those who suffer from both depression and stress. Researchers reported the herb was not dangerous and produced no serious liver toxicity or effects that have been a problem with big doses recently.
Dose: Decide on a liquid or nutritional supplement tincture which has 250 (mg) of kava lactones (the active component) per dose, and take five times.


This is also called linden flower, basswood and lime flower. The flowers can be made into a tincture or tasty tea. Tilia has been used to overcome anxiety and stress, sleep and insomnia. It also helps the circulatory system; the tea will help if your anxiety results in heart problems. Safety: Separate from iron supplements by 2-3 hours.

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